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2 E Valley Blvd
555 W Main St Alhambra, California
101-111 W Valley Blvd San Gabriel, California

GE Property Development Inc. has successfully represented clients in both the acquisition and sale of real estate properties. We specialize in various types of investments, including commercial shopping centers and multi-residential income projects.


Our company consists of experienced and highly qualified experts in the field of commercial and residential real estate properties. Having brokered over $200 million dollars in commercial and residential

transaction sales that include 70+ acres of commercial real estate and more than 800 residential units, our company is well versed in the areas of commercial and residential real estate. Through our experience and efficiency, our staff can locate investment opportunities quickly. Using our knowledge on how economic conditions play a role in the real estate market, we are able to present the pros and cons of any acquisition and sale. As our past commercial and residential transaction sales will indicate, we are highly qualified to handle any type of real estate need.

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