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Real Estate Sales

GE Property Specializes in Real Estate Sales and Property Development.

Developing a real estate portfolio can be as exciting as it is exhausting. When you have a team of real estate sales specialists on your side, you can enjoy enduring success without exhaustion. Whether you are looking to lease warehouse space or purchase a piece of commercial property, the team at GE Property Management will be more than happy to help.

Here are a few ways that GE Property can provide you with assistance.

  1. Property Leasing - Developing a financial future through property management can be an ideal path for many individuals. Property leasing plays a huge role in developing property value. The team at GE Property Management uses their knowledge of the region as well as varying economic conditions to help fulfill winning lease agreements. Notable deals include working with tenants such as T-Mobile, Starbucks Coffee, and UPS.

  2. Commercial Investing - Developing wealth through real estate can be the winning formula for the right team of investors. To look into the benefits of commercial real estate investing, discuss your commercial needs and goals with the team at GE Property. GE Property has helped broker more than $200 million in commercial and residential sales, including 800 residential units and more than 70 acres of commercial space.

  3. Property Management & Development - GE Property Management has assisted many clients over the years with re-developing buildings, increasing asset value, and improving price-per-square-foot. Notable projects undertaken by the team at GE Property include the Pacific Medical, Automobile Club of Southern California, and the San Gabriel Valley Emergency Roadside Assistance Center. All projects were tackled within their estimated budget and ahead of their estimated timeline.


GE Property Management has long been one of the most stable and well-respected real estate sales teams in the area. With professionals that can help with everything from developing warehouse space to purchasing commercial land, GE Property Management is the real estate broker you can count on!

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